Latest post: Nittany Jar Teeming With Life

14 September 2023

worlds Nittany Jar , day 20

After several weeks in my dorm windowsill, Nittany Jar is looking fantastic and filled with diverse life! It has a health population of fully aquatic isopods, snails, and sewage worms, as well as many other micro-animals. I believe it also has some kind of micro shrimp and a glass worm/slug.

This jar has impressed me so much that I have decided to open and aerate it periodically, and even clean the glass, all in an attempt to maintain equilibrium. It’s too pretty to run as an experiment!

In the past 2 days the isopods have chewed through the stem of the plant and now their food source is floating at the top; they’re cute, not smart! Luckily it was pretty trivial to push the plant back into the dirt. It will die now of course, but the pods will still have food while I source a new plant.

Floating Plant in the Nittany Jar

Floating Plant in the Nittany Jar

by Max Loiacono - CC BY-SA 4.0