Introducing: The Blog!

01 December 2022


I’ve been hard at work on my site’s newest feature: the blog!

This is mainly intended to serve as a hiking and adventure journal, so stay tuned for some cool stories! I’ve already written about some past hikes for you read through. Please keep in mind, these stories won’t be the most enthralling or detailed due to them being written as much as two years after the fact. Either way, I’m excited for you all to enjoy the blog and see what’s to come!

A special feature: if I’ve written about a specific hike listed in a challenge, that post will automatically be linked on the challenge page. Just click on the date of completion to read it! If such post exists, the date of completion will be underlined.

Some previously completed challenges may not be written about due to a lack of adequate memory or interesting things to say.

The blog is accessible at /blog in your web browser, or as an Atom feed.