Welcome to My Worlds!

Since 2023 Iโ€™ve been dabbling in antkeeping and ecosphere creation! Itโ€™s a fun, accessible, creative hobby I think more people should be introduced to. This section serves to be a log of all my โ€œworldsโ€ โ€“ ant colonies, ecospheres, jarrariums, etcโ€ฆ for all to view and learn from.

About the Worlds

Ant colonies are exactly as they sound, a community of ants! My ant colony receives regular maintenance and care (as all colonies should) and ends up occupying most of my time.

Ecospheres are sealed terrestrial environments that form a complete, self-sustaining ecosystem. Ecospheres contain primarily plant mass as well as some decomposers. They make great decorations!

Jarrariums are sealed aquatic environments (jar + aquarium = jarrarium)! In my experience they are harder to start due to the initial death/ammonia spike, but itโ€™s so rewarding to watch microorganisms swim around in their tiny world!

Latest Update: Nittany Jar Teeming With Life

After several weeks in my dorm windowsill, Nittany Jar is looking fantastic and filled with diverse life! It has a health population of fully aquatic isopods, snails, and sewage worms, as well as many other micro-animals. I believe it also has some kind of micro shrimp and a glass worm/slug.

This jar has impressed me so much that I have decided to open and aerate it periodically, and even clean the glass, all in an attempt to maintain equilibrium. Itโ€™s too pretty to run as an experiment!

In the past 2 days the isopods have chewed through the stem of the plant and now their food source is floating at the top; theyโ€™re cute, not smart! Luckily it was pretty trivial to push the plant back into the dirt. It will die now of course, but the pods will still have food while I source a new plant.

Floating Plant in the Nittany Jar

Floating Plant in the Nittany Jar

by Max Loiacono - CC BY-SA 4.0