Type: Sealed Aquatic
Created: 28 July 2023
Status: Alive
Notable Species: Sewage Worms

My mom had a Voga wine bottle laying around collecting dust for many years. She allowed me to use it for a jarrarium, but I kept the Voga label on because she likes it! The wine bottle allows for a very unique looking environment indeed! I created Voga because I thought the tall, skinny bottle was cool, and I also wanted a second aquatic jar. Compared to Beta Jar, Voga’s soil is much sandier and there is much less debris. Starting out, the only vegetation you can see are the two live plants I put in.

Voga admittedly may have a better chance surviving long term in comparison to Beta Jar due to Beta Jar’s extreme amount of dead debris. Who will win?


Day Update
9 The Return of Voga's Party Worms
8 Beta Jar and Voga Begin to Stabilize...